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Getting Started
1a: Why We Avoid Financial Planning
1b: Steps for Taking Charge of Your Financial Life
  • Determine why you avoid financial planning
  • Find out how to change your financial future
Budgeting & Beliefs
2a: Budget Basics
2b: How to Succeed
2c: About Beliefs
2d: How Beliefs Affect Budgets
2e: State of Gratitude
  • Set up a practical budget
  • Discover the beliefs that have limited your financial prosperity
  • Learn how gratitude can make you feel more prosperous
Net Worth vs Self-Worth
 3a: Calculating Net Worth
 3b: Debt
 3c: Self-Worth vs. Net Worth
 3d: Increasing Self-Worth
 3e: I Am
  • Figure out the difference between good debt and bad debt
  • Explore the relationship between self-worth and net worth
  • Learn how to increase your net worth by increasing your self-worth
Planning & Empowerment
4a: Basics
4b: Insurance
4c: Emergency Fund
4d: Retirement Planning
4e: College Planning
4f:  Long-Term Care
4g: What Holds Us Back
4h: What is Fear
4i: Steps to Empowerment
  • Find ways to protect and increase your net worth by managing risk
  • Create your financial plan (emergency fund, retirement, and child's education)
  • Remove the barriers to prosperity in your life
Investing & Energy
5a: Investing Basics
5b: Delayed Gratification
5c: Generating Long-term Energy
  • Understand the correlation between risk and return
  • Untap the creative energy of prosperity
Tithing - To Give is To Receive
6a: Tithing 
6b: Giving and Receiving

6c: Unconditional Giving (Love)
6d: Shine Your Light
  • Explore the relationship between giving and receiving
  • Learn how to give and receive at 100%


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