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Lesson 5c: Generating Long-term Energy

Objective: Learn ways to get more energy and prosperity into your life.
"Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus."
- Oprah Winfrey

You get what you want by putting energy towards your desire.  America is known as the land of opportunity and freedom.  It used to be that everyone believed that hard work and a little opportunity could lead them to the American dream.  Now many are skeptical that they can still achieve the American dream due to our unequal educational system and Walmart/McDonald's type jobs.  I believe that it is not a change in our country but a change in our energy that has eroded the belief in the American dream.  We have become complacent and have not focused our energy towards our dreams as our forefathers did.  We make heroes out of people like Oprah who achieved their dreams even while growing up in poverty.  And in the same breath, we blame the system for keeping people stuck in poverty.  I know people will blame China, India and greedy corporate America, yet these are obstacles that we need to overcome like our forefathers had to overcome their obstacles in coming to America.  It is not the system, but the lack of focused energy.  Those with focused energy will be rewarded.  Those without focused energy will not. 

So how do we infuse energy into our lives?  Energy is all around us.  When I look at my baby (Connor), he is full of light, love, and energy.  He is constantly exploring his new world and loves to laugh.  He wants to keep on going even though he is tired and needs to take a nap.  We are all born this way.  The question is why our energy gets restrained over time.  Part of it is society.  Children with a lot of energy are diagnosed with ADHD and medicated to restrain this energy.  Factory workers look down on the new guy with tons of energy and recommend that he pace himself in order to not make everyone else look bad.  Television and video games have started to take over a large portion of the day.  The average American watches more than 4 hours per day.  Part of it is individual choice to give away ones energy through actions like blaming others.

The good news is that the effects of society can change in an instant if we decide to.  The bad news is that many do not realize that they have this individual choice and decision to make.  Some rather sit back and blame others for their conditions in life.   To find out how to increase energy, there are two steps.  The first step is to find ways to bring more energy into your life.  The second step is to find your resistance to having energy come into your life.

Be Proactive:

  • Work out (move!)
  • Energy creates energy.  Even if it is just walking around the block, getting your body in motion is creating energy.  By moving, you will start to feel more invigorated and more motivated.  In addition, working out is also a good way to release stress.  When you are stressed, energy is diverted from being useful and creative to being destructive.

  • Be passionate
  • Being passionate towards a goal is giving 110% directed energy.  When obstacles occur, having passion will keep you focused on the goal.  You are less likely to be bothered by life’s little ups and downs if you are pursuing your passion.   Finding your passion is key to generating long-term energy in your work, in your life.

  • Assist others (be useful)
  • Giving and receiving are one in the same.  When we give, we also receive.  When we give our love and energy to others, we get back love and energy.  So stop thinking about the help you need, and help your neighbor, instead, without expecting anything in return. 

  • Meditate
  • Most of our thoughts are scattered.  We have many thoughts a day, unfortunately many of them are the same thoughts that we had yesterday.  Meditating is clearing the mind of thoughts, so that new focused ideas come.  Ideas are the creation of energy.  When thoughts are scattered, so is our energy.  When thoughts are focused, so is our energy.

    Meditating also gives you a break from the daily marketing blitz of consumption.  If you want to move from a world of consumption to a world of prosperity, you will need to break the hold that marketing has on your life.  Marketing is meant to make people feel the sense of lack (need for their product).  Prosperity is shifting from the thought system of need to a thought system of already having what one needs.

  • Breathe

    Energy is in the air around us.  Hawaiians called white Americans "ha ole" because the first settlers were short of  breath.  We don't take advantage of the air, and energy, that surrounds us.  Take a few minutes each day to take a few deep breaths, fully expanding your lungs and just feel the energy rise inside you.

  • Take responsibility

    If you give up responsibility, you give up power and energy.  By taking responsibility, you reclaim that power and are forced into action.

Stop Resisting Energy:

  • Avoid being sedentary (watching TV, playing video games, etc.)
  • A major reason so many children are obese is that they are spending more time playing video games and watching TV instead of playing outside.  It has become more popular to watch a sporting event rather than participate in one.  A sedentary life also diverts people from achieving their dreams.  A small amount of distraction at the end of the day can be a good stress release.  Yet, it also can become a habit that takes up the whole evening. 

  • Avoid foods that zap your energy (sugars and fat)
  • The sugar rush works for a short period of time where we are alert and awake.  Then after an hour, the rush fads and leaves the body weaker.  Fats go down good, but just sits at the pit of your stomach as an additional weight to lug around.

  • Avoid drugs & excessive use of alcohol

    Drugs and alcohol are a way to avoid life.  I find it sad that teens are getting drunk to loosen their inhibitions.  They are giving their power over to these substances.  It is a belief that happiness is outside you (in the form of a substance).  If you are giving your power to  an outside source, then you are leaving less power and energy for yourself.

  • Don't blame others

    The is a saying that when you point the finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.  You have the power to change any situation.  Yet, blame will divert you from seeing your part in the situation.  Our legal system is set up to place the blame on others when the key is that we are the creator of our world that we see.  One can blame their boss for a miserable job.  Yet, he also has the power to change the job or leave the job or change how we see the job.  Blame will only deflect responsibility (and energy) in changing the situation.

    Louise Hay has a good article on responsibility and blame.

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