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Untap Your Abundance


Financial Education


Personal Awareness


  • Most financial plans fail because they ignore the emotional issues behind money problems.
  • Prosperity only comes from integrating financial education with personal awareness.
  • Inside you will find an Educational Series that walks you through creating or updating your personal financial plan.
  • For questions and information regarding additional financial issues, see Advanced Topic


Recharge Your Financial Energy
(with AA batteries)

  • Awareness & Acceptance

    We get into financial trouble when we ignore or deny our feelings about money (e.g., shame, blame, anger, etc.).  Be aware of your feelings and embrace them.

  • Accountability & Action

    Do not blame your problems on others. Rather, take action to change your situation and move towards prosperity.

Educational Series

  • Set up/revise your financial plan (budgeting, net worth, and planning for retirement, child's education, etc.).
  • Find out how your beliefs affect your feelings and how your feelings create your reality.
  • Discover how giving actually makes you more prosperous.

Advanced Topics

  • Find out how much you really need in retirement.
  • Learn how openness, energy, and self-love lead to prosperity.
  • Discover tools to overcome poverty.
  • Learn how to teach children about money.
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