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I do provide financial coaching services either in person (in Cleveland, OH) or by telephone.

I deal with a wide range of personal finance topics ranging from setting up a budget to planning for retirement. However, the key to my services is how I move clients past their struggles to unlock their key to finances.

With all the personal financial knowledge out there and prosperity teachers, why are we still struggling? It is because the issues are not about money rather our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money. Thus, pure financial advisers can not help you overcome your blocks other than to tell you to save more. Prosperity teachers say think about prosperity and you can achieve it. If these approaches really work, why isn't everyone a millionaire? Why are having more families experiencing financial struggles, even as these financial and prosperity teachings are more prevalent than ever? They do not look at the whole situation, only their area of expertise. My approach puts personal back into personal finances because one size does not fit all.

Thus, if you have tried other approaches and have not found your true abundance, then e-mail me at pete @ myfinancialawareness.com. Please provide the following:

  • Your goals (reason) for having a meeting
  • A few available times to set up a meeting
  • A phone number and e-mail to reach you at

My fees are based strictly on a gratuity basis. I do not believe in charging a set fee because:

  • You need to be in-charge of your finances and what services are worth to you (not me dictating it where you feel forced to pay, a victim)
  • Everyone is in a different economic situation (some may only have $10 to pay for my services while others can easily pay $200 or more)
  • You will only realize the true value of my services, weeks or months after we meet (after the ideas have time to work and sink in)


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