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Lesson 6b: To Give is to Receive

Objective: Learn that by giving you are also receiving
"Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others."
- Barbara Bush

The path to abundance and prosperity is to be able to give without the expectation of return.  Many have lived by the motto, "It is better to give than to receive."  Yet, sometimes this phrase does not state the true benefits of giving.  It may actually sets up a cycle of poverty consciousness if used improperly that we have to give what we have in order to receive the riches of heaven.  The idea of giving should not be centered around the idea that in order to be spiritual, one must be poor.  Rather, tithing should be about a belief that you are already abundant and prosperous to begin with, and therefore you are able to share what you have in order to help others.  It is important to understand that no matter what we have, we are already abundant and prosperous.  It is when we compare ourselves to others that we feel inadequate, less than, less abundant, and less prosperous.  If we think about what we have achieved as a society compared to 100 to 200 years ago, how can we say that we are not abundant and prosperous?

How does giving and receiving really work?

  • Cycle of giving - Like any transaction, there is a giver and a receiver. If we stop giving, then others will stop receiving, and the cycle and energy will stop.  Our economy is based on the circular flow of money, you give money in order to receive a product, and that person gives money to someone else to receive supplies.  Thus, when you give, you will also receive.  And if people stop giving, the economy will move into a recession.
  • Pay it forward - The concept gained popularity in 2000 due to the movie "Pay It Forward."  The idea is to give to the world and ask nothing in return except for others to give a favor to three other people.  This energy will then quickly mushroom.  It shows how a small ripple of energy can endlessly expand.  Thus, if you want a change in the world, you need to create the energy to make the change happen.  And, in the end, you will receive the benefits.
  • Benefits of giving - The true benefits of giving happen when we give without the expectation of receiving anything in exchange, when we give simply for the sake of giving.  The joy of giving, knowing you are helping another individual, is the gift you give yourself when you give from your heart.  In addition, giving of ourselves helps us feel more useful and part of society.  When you give of yourself, selflessly, the unexpected happens.  For example, in one study by University of Michigan, the benefits of giving resulted in an increased life expectancy. 
  • Sign of prosperity - If you believe that you have nothing to give (either time, support, or money), then it is a sign that you are coming from poverty consciousness (that you believe that you do not have enough).  You will then hold on to your possessions tighter.  Cars and houses become possessions rather than objects that you use in your life.  Your self-worth is then tied to our house and cars.  Prosperity consciousness is being able to freely give what you have.  Having prosperity consciousness means that if you lose your house or car, the loss is a small set back that you take in stride and not the loss of a prized possession.  Prosperity is not about how much money you have but about how you feel about what you have (money, friends, family, etc.).   Are you abundant and able to give?
"You can't have a perfect day without doing something for someone who'll never be able to repay you"
- John Wooden
Giving and receiving is all one.  It is a cycle.  If you are not getting what you want out of life, then consider what you are not giving in life.  Are you holding back out of fear of not having enough (time, money, or resources)?  If so, change your thoughts to what you are giving instead of receiving.
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