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Do or Do Not

"Do, or do not. There is no try."
- Yoda

If you want to know if you are (or can become) prosperous, you need to look at the language that you are using. Language is a very telling sign of who you are.  Many say "I am trying to become wealthy" or "No matter what I do, I can not find a way to afford ______ (fill in the blank)."  Using the words "try" or "can not" do not move you forward towards prosperity.   To create prosperity in your life, you need to take responsibility and take action towards what you desire in your actions and your words.   One of the steps towards prosperity is to watch the words that you are using.   To this point, words that express responsibility and action instead are "I will", "I can", "I choice" and "I am going to".  For example, "I can not afford my dream car" focuses on lack and limits.  The words "can not" expresses what you are unable to do while giving up your responsibility.   Instead say "I choose to be financially responsible".  This shows that you may desire a fancy convertible car, however you choose to be practical until you have the money for the convertible.  This shifts from what you can not afford to what you choose to do with your money.   One can always afford most things by either working more or going into debt (at the expense of their retirement), but this should be a conscious choice rather than accepting defeat to the power of money.  When one gives up their power over money, is when they get in trouble because money controls them (with debt and lack) instead of them controlling their money.  Other examples are:

More Passive / Limited
Energetic / Unlimited
Why speech shows the limits of thought
I will try ____
I will _____
Try does not mean you will accomplish anything.  It is a half-hearted attempt that only sets you up for failure.
I want _____
I desire ____
Wants are numerous and spreads your energy in different directions.   Desires focuses of your energy on what you really want.  Children want lots of toys, yet may desire a specific toy.  If their wish list is long, what are the chances that they will get what they desire?
I wish ____
I envision ____
Wish is hoping something comes into your life without taking any action.  Envisioning is seeing what you desire and taking the first step in making it happen, by seeing yourself already having it, makes it a real goal.
I hope ___
I see myself ___
Hope is similar to wish in that it is not action oriented.  Seeing yourself accomplish your goal is the first step towards taking action.
I will take ___
I will get ___
Take is receiving something for nothing (conflicts with the universal rule of give and receive).  Getting means that you are putting/giving effort towards what you want.
I fear ___
I realize ___
Fear is being stuck and not moving forward.  Realize is seeing your fear and take action anyway.  For example, I realize that speaking in front of a group may be scary and I will do it anyway.
I worry ___
I accept ___
Worry signifies that you have no control over your actions.  Accepting signifies that you thought about the possible outcomes in a situation and that you will live with the risks involved.  In some situations, you can not control the outcome.  However, you can control if you spend your effort worrying about it or accepting it and moving forward focusing on what you can control.


Exercise: For a week, take 5-10 minutes at the end of each day and write down phrases you have used about money, work and prosperity.  Then find ways where you can rephrase it to make it more action oriented, more energizing and take more responsibility.
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