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Cinderella Man

Last month, I rented the movie Cinderella Man.  For those that do not know the movie, it is about a boxer during the Great Depression.  Before the Great Depression hit, Jim Broddock, was on his way having a shot at the title fight.   He ended up losing the title fight and the movie picks up his life during the Great Depression where he is losing fights due to injuries and was forced to quit.  He ended up getting back into boxing and ultimately won the title.  So what does a boxing movie have to do with money?  In watching the movie, I was stuck by several prosperity lessons that occurred during the movie, including: 

There is no financial security, only security within

In the movie, Jim initially had a very comfortable lifestyle.  He had a nice house and owned a taxi cab business.  Yet, he hit a losing streak in his boxing career and then came the Great Depression where he lost his home and the taxi cab business.  He ended up in a small apartment tyring to find work each day at the shipping docks. 

Today, we think that if we can only own our home and make an investment in a business that everything will be o.k..  For many, this is true.  Yet, if we believe that having money or owning our own homes are a guarantee for security, then we need to think again.  How about Hurricane Katrina victims?  Sometimes even with insurance, we find that insurance doesn't cover all risks (such as earthquakes, floods, mold damage or economic downturns) and we can lose it all in the matter of moments. 

The only security in life comes from knowing that we can handle whatever life throws at us.  This means that we do not play the victim and give up when life turns sour on us.  Many people believe that the economy makes them who they are instead of what we do in relationship to the economy that really defines us.   Was F.D.R. a polio victim or a President who overcame polio?  Jim Broddock could have given up, yet he managed to overcome everything by knowing that hard work and persistence would get him through the rough times.  He took what life provided him including temporary work at the dock and a fight that he had no right in winning due to not having enough time to train properly and made it through the tough times.  His security cam from within and not through the nice house and taxi cab company that he owned.

If you need a handout, do not stay stuck in shame

Jim hit a low point when his wife sent their children to relatives when the electricity was turned off in their apartment.  To get enough money to turn back on the heat, he had to turn to welfare programs for assistance because there was not enough work at the dock to keep him busy.  He also had to swallow his pride to go back to the boxing promoters to ask for the rest of the money that he needed.  For many, there is great shame with asking for a handout.  If you get stuck in shame for needing assistance or filing for bankruptcy, your hatred for the situation (asking for help) will only keep you stuck in needing help.  This is because your energy is directed towards what you do not want (needing a handout) rather than putting energy into what you want (prosperity).    

Part of this is because we see welfare as a handout (rich giving to those who are needy) rather than a hand up (brother giving a helping hand).  We put a negative perspective on bankruptcy.  News articles discuss how people have failed and needed to file for bankruptcy.  Yet, for businesses, bankruptcy is referred to as a reorganization.  A company like Kmart can be in bankruptcy at one moment and then be worth billions a year after they complete their bankruptcy proceedings.  How can this be?  Because in business, bankruptcy is a part of business.  Something that is needed to move forward.  For individuals, it is unfortunately something that defines them as a failure.  If you are in this situation, be aware that it is a choice how you view it (failure or a step forward).  Many millionaires including Donald Trump have once lost all or most of their money only to keep on moving forward and earning their money back because bankruptcy did not define them.

Being broke isn't the same as being poor

Broke is a financial term.  Poor or poverty can define who an individual is.  So, if you do not have money, then think about it as being broke versus being poor.  Jim Braddock was broke when he went to the relief agencies.  However, he was never poor because he had his family and his strength to move forward.  Do not let an event define you.

If your energy is focused and persistent towards a goal, you will prevail

In the movie when Jim was fighting, there were pictures of Jim's children going through his head.  This shows that Jim was fighting with a goal of having his children live at home, something that was taken away from him when the electricity was turned off.  Goals that are numeric are harder to reach than goals with feelings.  Jim's goal of having a loving family at home was a stronger goal than to just fighting to win.  This is because feelings are energy.  When you indicate the feelings behind your goals (in the movie, the love of uniting his family), you put more energy towards reaching the goals.  When you have more energy, you will achieve more of your goals in a shorter amount of time.

Becoming a millionaire can be a good goal, yet the question that you should ask is why do you want to become one?  If the goal is to provide for your family, imagine how more powerful you will be when you identify that the underlying goal is to show your family how much you love and care for them.  This way when you provide something to your family, it comes with more love and caring.  And, when money is not there, the love and caring will remain.

There is always a solution to problem when we are in the flow

Jim could have continued going down to the docks each day wondering if he would have work that day instead of taking another chance in boxing.  Many times, we continue on down the path which we are on, in a job that we do not love.  Jim continued as a day laborer, yet kept his eyes open for opportunities.  When presented with the opportunity of a one-time fight came up, he jumped on it even if it meant having some risks of breaking his hand again. 

How many times have you felt stuck in your current job?  Being stuck is different then continuing the job while gaining additional skills and training for the next job.  There is always a solution to our problems if we keep our eyes and ears open to opportunities while working on improving our skills to be ready for it.  Yet, if we feel that we are in a dead-end job and lament going into work each day, how open will our eyes and ears be to new opportunities?

I remember reading a story about a store clerk who put her 110% energy into the job.  Even though there was little to no hope to get promoted, she did not let that hold her back from staying in the flow of giving 110% and being open to what the Universe has to offer.  One day, a competitor walked in to check out the store.  The competitor noticed the clerk and thought this is the type of person that I want to run my store.  It is not about will my problem be solved from what is right in front of me (e.g., my current job).  Rather, if I give 110% effort and stay open to possibilities, it is only a matter of time before the Universe will provide me with the opportunity to solve the problem. 

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