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Three Pillars to a Prosperous Life

The three pillars to a prosperous and abundant life are Self-Love, Energy, and Connection.  With these three pillars, you can achieve tremendous growth and prosperity. 

  • Self-Love - is a measure of how deserving you believe yourself to be (self-worth).  We all have it, yet self-worth and self-love can be blocked by our beliefs about ourselves, for example, a feeling of not being good enough.   It is important to remember who "I Am" rather than who "I Am not."
  • Energy - is the creative force in life.  Energy starts with you (self-empowerment). To get what you want, you will need to take the first step (be proactive) and bring energy into your life (either by creating it or by tapping into the energy in the world around you).  Energy is measured by intensity and duration (persistence).  Thus, if you have half-hearted intentions, your energy will be half-hearted and your goals will continue to allude you.
  • Openness - is what allows energy to pass through you to create prosperity, openness to both giving and receiving.  If there is resistance in this process the energy will slow down or stop.  It is up to you to find your resistances and release them.  Part of dropping resistance is being grateful for what you have rather than wishing for what you do not have.  

Some (including Eric Butterworth in his book Spiritual Economics) equate prosperity to a light switch.  A light switch regulates the amount of energy or prosperity that enters your life.  It is up to you how much energy or prosperity you want or think you deserve.  If you add resistance (disbelief, blame, hopelessness, etc.) to the light switch, it will lower the energy and thus dim the light and your prosperity.  If you are fully open to giving and receiving and know what you want, you can have what you desire.

The next three sections will look into each of these pillars in more detail.

Self-Love Pillar
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