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Gift of Tithing – Part III

The first two parts of Gifts of Tithing discussed:

Part I – The basics premise of tithing is what we give is what we receive whether it is anger, money or love. Yet, the law of tithing goes further in that what we focus on (abundance or lack) is what we receive. Thus, we can be giving money, yet is the focus is on lack then lack is what we receive.

Part II – How we give is just as important as what we give. If we give reluctantly, sparingly, expectantly, etc., the focus is on lack and that is what we receive. If the focus is on giving lovingly, joyfully, willingly and freely than we will receive what we give.

The third gift of tithing is that tithing showing us that we are already abundant. Yet, how many of us really believe this? Usually, it is about if I had just a little bit more for (fill in blank) then everything will be o.k. Yet, money is not going to make us feel prosperous and happy. Studies have been done on what would a typical American need to feel prosperous? The answer may be $1 million. Then a millionaire is asked what he needs to feel prosperous, the answer may mean $5 million. So the issue is not the money, yet believing that we need a little more to be happy. And, as I discussed before, we get what we have not what we want. So if we want a little more, it isn’t going to happen unless the focus is on the abundance that we already have.

In reality, we receive as we give. This can occur at several different levels:

• We give because we have – By giving we see that we are already blessed and thus open ourselves up for more blessings.

• We give because it takes the focus off of lack – This is similar to the last principle of seeing that we are already blessed by taking the focus off of lack. Because if we focus on lack that is what we will get. For some people, volunteering during a time of loss, gives them an opportunity to feel joy instead of pain.

• We give because we benefit by connecting with someone else – We all want to feel more love, joy and happiness in life and the perfect time to feel more love, joy and happiness is when we connect with someone or something else.

• We give and receive because we are one – We usually forget that we all come from the same great-great-great —- grandparents. There is no difference in you and me once we see beyond possessions and appearances. We are the same. So when we give, we are giving back to ourselves (our family). And, if a family member is hurting, we hurt as well on some level or another. Thus, by helping a family member, we are helping ourselves.

Thus, when we give, we are receiving what we are giving (abundance, love, happiness, etc.) at the same time. Now, someone will point out that I said sometimes there is lag between giving and receiving in Part I. This is because people feel that by giving, they should see something different in their lives. The mental and emotion gifts of giving are instantaneously, yet the physical gifts of giving that come with it take time to manifest.

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  1. Millionaire Artist Says:

    Thank you for the great post! I started tithing in the last two years and its been the most amazing thing … I feel too many people think tithing has to be tied to religion. Yet, its one of the best things we can do to reach out to others. And, in my opinion, tithing can also be expanded to include giving of possessions and time with selfless intent. Good for you for bringing this topic to light.

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  3. Eteraz Says:

    Carnival of Vanities # 202…

    Party People! Welcome to the Carnival of Vanities # 202. How appropriate that the House of Narcissism and Self-Adulation (my blog) should host such an Iblisean project. [Iblis is the Muslim devil who is notoriously arrogant. He and I are related].

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